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Why does Trucking Heaven Standout?

Trucking Heaven is committed to delivering excellent truck dispatch services. We stand on the core values of professionalism, honesty, excellence, and accuracy. Our services are known to satisfy and put smiles on customers’ faces. Whenever you call, we are always prepared to serve. We have the resources to offer whatever services you need. With Trucking Heaven, be rest assured of 24/7 excellent delivery of truck dispatch services.

What Exactly Is the Job of a Truck Dispatch Service Provider?

A truck dispatch service serves as the middleman between a trucking company and freight owners. They help with load booking, invoice preparation, truck dispatch, and much more.  

What TruckingHeaven Does Best?

Connects freights and drivers

Trucking Heaven specializes in linking truck owners and companies with well-paying freights. Our truck dispatch agents connect with factories, shippers, and brokers. They negotiate the rates, then provide you with the transport details. With our experience and expertise, your truck driver often gets the highest rate.

Research the Market

We spend time analyzing each offer then advise you on making the best decision. At Trucking Heaven, we also study the market to know the highest paying loads.

Prepare the paperwork

Besides getting high-value delivery jobs, we prepare and complete the paperwork. After that, we let you work directly with the best brokers or factories, getting paid per the paperwork terms. Our responsibility is to seek freight jobs, so your truck doesn’t stay idle for long.

We Offer Smart Truck Dispatching Services

Digital Workforce

Ever wondered why we’re among the best? Our dispatchers use the latest software in the industry. We use the Google Cloud Network to communicate with brokers and truckers effectively. With just a click away, you have the operation detail or worksheet in your email box. 

No Low-paying Loads

Trucking Heaven is established for truck operators and owners who want to maximize their profits. If you don’t want to waste your worktime in idleness or on cheap freights, Trucking Heaven is the answer.

Smart Negotiating Skills

We work in the back office to find and negotiate on offers. Our concern is to provide the meeting platform while your truck finishes the task. Most importantly, you get quick payment after delivery.

Trucking Heaven attaches a personal dispatcher to each driver or company, who will negotiate with freight operators for the highest rates.

Truck Load Transactions! New or Old?

If you’re new to the industry, you may not know the rates or how the system works. Think about burning your fuel for hundreds of miles but got low pay, resulting in losses. With Trucking Heaven, you get the highest freight rates.

Trucking Heavens takes your trucks off the parking lot, helping serve your clients better. Use our dispatch services to reduce operational costs and maximize efficiency.

Your Task!

Things to do to turn your dispatch to cash are:

  • !Pick the load
  • Deliver
  • Submit invoice
  • Get your cash

Truck Dispatch Services | Our Task!

Today we have many companies that offer similar services, but some always perform better. Trucking Heaven is among the ones with high-quality services. You will soon find out what makes us so unique. With Trucking Heaven, your days of confusion and disappointments are over. We field reliable professionals who know the right action to take at any time.

Services we offer at Trucking Heaven include:

  • We find the loading task
  • Negotiate the rate
  • Tell you about the job
  • Prepare and manage the paperwork
  • Pay you immediately after delivery

Getting Started with Trucking Heaven

Our signup processes are pretty simple. Contact us whenever you want to partner with us. Once you declare an interest, we’ll send an application link to your email. We’ll review your application and respond within two business days. If we accept, you’ll have the chance to connect with a dispatcher and start working at once. We create and maintain a great relationship with our partners and clients.

Quality Communication Sets the Pace!

Our focus is to create a reliable communication channel between the load owners and truck drivers. Trucking Heaven searches and provides you with the best auto transporters, reefer, shippers, and dry vans. More so, we work 24-hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. Our dispatchers undergo rigorous training before they work with drivers.

Drivers Are Our Top Priority!

We plan the dispatch schedule with our drivers to ensure it suits their life. At Trucking Heaven, we see each truck driver as a family and considers their personal life. We create a platform while our drivers make decisions. That means you give instructions concerning where and how the truck should move. We only accept offers after your permission.

Reasons to Hire a Truck Dispatcher

Besides negotiating for higher pay, other reasons to choose the Truck Dispatch services include:

  • Vehicle Road Worthiness – Trucking Heaven dispatchers inspect your truck to ensure they comply with motor carrier requirements. Hence, you make money without getting into trouble.
  • Manage Delays –Sometimes, delays happen unexpectedly. As a reliable truck dispatching company, we help you combat sudden delays from traffic or harsh weather conditions.
  • Relationship Management –Finding a high-paying shipper is vital, but you should also grow the relationship. Our dispatchers establish relationships with brokers and help manage issues that arise.
  • Time and Money-savings – Many truckers use load boards to source for clients. But as the work schedule increases, it becomes challenging to create time for load boards. If you don’t hire a truck dispatcher, you might lose opportunities of meeting top-paying shippers. Of course, Trucking Heaven helps you to focus on the business without losing potential clients.   

Things To Provide When You Sign Up

To onboard for our services, you should provide:

  • Truck dispatch service agreement
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Company / Driver Contact Information
  • MC Authority Letter
  • Power of Attorney – to enable us to work on your behalf
  • W-9 Form
  • Factoring Info
The Load Is In Your Hand!

Now that you know what we offer at Trucking Heaven, nothing should stand in your way. One thing is getting the information; another is to act on it. Our responsibility is to help you make more money by working for the highest-paying brokers. Hence, take a bold step! Contact us today.